My daughter, Laura Rae, was born without a thyroid gland – that’s how it began.

We were lucky that the doctors
caught it early, but it meant that Laura would have to rely on thyroid
medication and years of ever-changing hormone levels; it led to problematic
skin that left both physical and emotional scars. I watched her frustration as
she would continually switch from one skincare line to another, only to grow
frustrated and downcast by the short-term or unsuccessful results.

It was heartbreaking to watch my daughter struggle. The Pandemic hit and with time on my hands, I decided to focus on trying to find a solution. Months of research and trying different formula's from eastern to western Canada, I finally hit the mark and developed a product that would make a difference in her life – and in the lives of the millions of others who faced similar skincare challenges. I began to research Canadian natural and organic ingredients and formulate a product that would be gentle on the skin yet powerful and highly effective. Laura, to her credit, became my case study! When we began using my newly developed products, she had scars on both sides of her face. After only a few days, Laura noticed her scars fading and her skin’s overall appearance improving. In less than a month, all of her scars had faded, and she was left with a radiant complexion.

 My daughter, Laura Rae, was born
without a thyroid. And 27 years later, on the day her skin healed, RAEskincare was born.

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