We Love Our Planet!

RAE Skincare products were created with our love and the growing concern for developing clean, green earth-friendly products. RAE Skincare believes in the importance of each ingredient we use, so our ingredients are hand-selected and manufactured in smaller, more frequent batches, delivering your products as fresh as possible.

Our organic ingredients follow green manufacturing protocols. No growth enhancers are used, and we practice wild harvesting and contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

We assure you that our products are cruelty-free of our love for all animals. Steam-distilled botanicals extracts are derived from natural and organic sources. Oils & Butters derived from Natural & Organic Plants (Vegan) and Paraben-free. Natural emulsifiers, surfactants & thickeners of biodegradable sources and colourants from mineral & natural sources are used.

We are constantly working with our formulators and finding ways to improve our products without destroying our planet and ourselves.

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